Snuza Trio+ - Video

600,00 kr 

snuza trio

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It is the ultimative mobile baby motinoring system!


You can keep an eye on your baby 24/7 by using Snuza Trio+.

Snuza Trio+ combines the video, noize with the Snuza Hero Mobile Baby Breathing monitor to provide a three-in-one monitoring system.

The Snuza Video and audio system and the Snuza Hero breathing monitor are separate units which can be used independently if needed.

Snuza Hero detects every little movement your baby makes and alerts you if all movement stops.

Hero has a unique vibration feature which can reassert baby’s breathing if it detects that breathing movement has stopped for 15 seconds, followed by an alarm if breathing does not restart.

Hero clips on your baby’s diaper and is battery-operated – no cords, wires or sensor pads.

Freedom of movement to give you peace of mind.

You get a 3.5” colour display video screen to see clearly your baby.

You can connect up to 4 cameras to the system so that you can cover the entire nursery if required.

The wireless videocamre can be used up to a distance of 50m indoors and 150m straight line-of-sight. 

The video device provides automatic night vision – no need to turn a light on to see your baby.  

The Talkback feature allows you to comfort your baby over the monitor.

It has also a room temperature display and a timer to remind you of feeding times.