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The Elle TENS, also called BirthTENS is really effective to free pain relief.


This simple and user-friendly device that offers maximum pain relief during labor.


It requires no medication and it has no side effects.


TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) works by sending mild electrical impulses through the skin into the underlying nerve through electrode pads that you stick to the skin. The impulses feels like small tickles on your skin.

The TENS impulses help your body to produce its own natural pain killing chemicals, called ‘endorphins’ and ‘encephalins’.

It has no side effects.


Elle TENS is used for many different types of pain:


1 Pain in shoulders


2 Back Pain


3 Neck Pain


4 Menstrual Pain


5 After Cesarean

You can start using birthTENS when you start having contractions at home or in the hospital.

Elle TENS package contains:

• 1 pc Elle TENS device

• 3 pcs leads

• 4 pcs batteries

• A pack of 4. pcs electrodes