Elle TENS+ Kegel exerciser

1 120,00 kr 


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Elle TENS+ is really three devices in one

  1. Birth TENS
  2. Kegel exerciser
  3. TENS

New! - Contraction timer

You can use Elle TENS+ for:

  1. Reduce pain during labour
  2. Reduce pain after a cesarean section
  3. Kegel exerciser after birth
  4. Reduce pain in shoulders, knees or thighs

1 TENS (Transcutaneouss Electrical Nerve Stimulation) has been popular in many countries to alleviate pain in the arms, legs and other parts of the body.

The TENS device sends even mild electrical impulses through the skin via electrode pads into the underlying nerves. This feels like a slight tingling and this stimulates the muscles and releases the body's own substances soothing (endorphins).

2 In relation to give birth you put the electrode pads on the lower part of your back when you start having contractions. You will now control the impulses by pressing the "Boost" button when the contractions arrive.

New: Elle TENS + displays and records the time of the contractions. You have the opportunity to read the last 5 contractions and the time between them.

3 Elle TENS + device also works as a Kegel exerciser to strengthen the pelvic floor.


Elle TENS+ packaging contains:

  • Elle TENS+ device
  • 3 pcs leads
  • 4 pcs batteries
  • 1 pack of 4 pcs electrodes
  • 1 pc probe