If you want to regain your well-being in your daily life you have come to the right place.
Incontinence Issues and fear of your birth and all the pain related to giving birth is something that I have experienced.

It all actually started in 2009 when I was at a trade show for children in Germany. Owner of Femisense
I was heavily pregnant, but managed anyway to walk many miles between the booths.

At the exhibition, I met for the first time the manufacturers BodyClock and Snuza.

I was initially a little skeptical about the BirthsTENS device and if it would really work, but I got a device home to test when I was going to give birth.

I also got a Snuza baby monitor that I could try on my lovely baby after he was born.

My experience of the products

I thought it was great to use BirthTENS during labor, which not only relieved my contractions, but also gave me a sense of being in control during labor. It was my third birth, so I had tried to give birth without BirthTENS and could really feel the difference from the first two times I had given birth without pain relievers.

After I gave birth to my son, I tried the baby monitor Snuza that helps concerned parents to monitor their baby. Snuza worked 100% on my little baby while he slept and I could relax or take care of my other two children. I had enough to do with three small children.

I did not know what incontinence was before I gave birth to my three boys.

When I found out that Bodyclock also had pelvic floor stimulators (Kegel exercisers), I thought it was a super good idea to include it in my portfolio ... it's that simple!

I would like to help other women in the same situation as me, when I found out how much the products helped me and took off my everyday life.

More about me

I am half French half Icelandic and is married to a Dane. Together we have three energetic boys 2 years apart (yes, my home looks sometimes like a kindergarden). I have just passed the age of 40 and has been living in Denmark for over 10 years.

We live in the center of Copenhagen and love the city life.

I've tried all the products that I have in my shop (ok ... maybe not the pelvic floor stimulator for men), so I will always be able to help you find the right product to suit your needs.

Call me on my mobile: + 45 28 77 39 07 or send me an email at info@femisense.dk if you are unsure about which product is best for you, or at all if you have even the slightest question.

My goal is to show other women that there are solutions to improve your well-being. 

And you do not have to live with your incontinence or have pain during childbirth.

Kind regards,

Christine Blin


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You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions by sending an email to info@femisense.dk or call +45 28 77 39 07

Welcome and enjoy our products.

Christine Blin, director Femisense

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CVR/SE: 33596545