Snuza Hero 

Jennifer with Snuza

Thank You!!! Snuza saved my baby's life! 

My 3 month old daughter was very fussy one morning but I had to get ready for work so I gave her paci and put her in her bassinet.

She got quiet and I just thought she was happy with her paci. 

While I was quickly getting ready for work her Snuza went off!

I ran to her bassinet and she looked horrible. Completely motionless with her eyes wide open and glazed over.

I thought she had died.

I picked her up and she started breathing again.

She has Severe acid reflux and the doctor said it probably got in her throat and obstructed her airway and it cleared when I picked her up. 

If it were not for her Snuza I would not have known she was in distress.

She wears her Sunza 24 hours a day, and will continue to wear it until she figures out how to pull it off and throw it out of her crib!!!




Snuza Hero

Everyone with a baby needs one of these! Lisa with Snuza

Gwen's Nana gave us a Snuza Hero, and I am so grateful she did!

I am terrified of SIDS, especially with a preemie, who is more susceptible to it.

The alarm went off this morning around 5 am to let me know that my daughter had not taken a breath in 20+ seconds, I was able to wake her and she started breathing again.

This could have ended tragically without the Snuza.

Thank you Snuza!

This simple little device saved my baby's life this morning! 





Kenneth with Snuza

My wife and I would like to personally thank the inventor of the Snuza Hero!!!

It's 1:39am Mountain time and we are WIDE AWAKE now! Thinking, what if we didn’t have the alarm......?

But we did, thanks to my wife and her paranoia, we bought the Snuza Hero 2 and a half months ago, because one morning my wife woke up with a bad feeling, decided to check on Saydie, only to see her silently choking.

The doctor said that its just mucus build up and that we have to just keep a close eye on her.

From that moment she did her research, checked the testimonials and looked at your website 900 times!!!

I want you to know, that if I didn't firmly believe that this little device saved my beautiful baby girl, I wouldn't be awake sending this email to you at this moment.

I would be going back to sleep as I have to get up for work in 3 hours.

Ok, we're going to try and get some sleep now.

With all our heart! Thank you so much from our family to yours. If there is anyone who is skeptical in any way about this product, you have our permission to forward them our contact information.


Kenny, Krista and Saydie